Hygienic Shelving - Kitchen shelving (Active Quartermaster 2) employs new technology to provide a persistent and safe antibacterial surface action that can be washed many times, in fact can be steamed cleaned - Click here to view our range of Hygienic Kitchen Shelving
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Kitchen Shelving

Active Quartermaster Kitchen Shelving
Kitchen shelving (Active Quartermaster 2) employs new technology to provide a persistent and safe antibacterial surface action that can be washed many times, in fact can be steam cleaned. After preparing the shelf to maximise adhesion, high performance nylon is applied by immersion to ensure a thick coat that smoothes out edges and acute internal corners, providing a surface that is simple to wipe clean. Using new technology the antibacterial agent is incorporated into the nylon and therefore lasts as long as the coating, which we know can easily be over ten years.

Active Quartermaster2 kitchen shelving is suitable for cold room applications down to -30°C. The Kitchen shelving from shelf space limitedcoating has excellent wear performance and has good chemical and corrosion resistance but may be cut with sharp objects.

The Airdeck kitchen shelving wire shelf forms the heart of the Quartermaster kitchen shelving system. The open shelf and posts are designed to allow light and air to flow freely. Whether airflow is used to cool and keep fresh, to remove dirt and contaminants or to save valuable seconds in detecting and containing fire, Airdeck improves performance over solid shelving. Quartermaster 2 kitchen shelving is ideal for hygienic environments, as it has no accessible inner voids to hide contamination.

Stainless Steel kitchen shelving is available, manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel, electro-polished to remove surface imperfections and impurities and to provide a bright finish. This process is normally required for sterile applications. Stainless steel shelving has a very long life even under arduous conditions and is suitable for most environments. Shelf supports, the two pieces of which click and hold in place on the required locating ring support the shelf by a wedge action that is rigid and strong. Assembly is simple, adjustable and fast. Shelf hooks can be used to suspend shelves to allow for space efficient 90 degree open corners. Finishes match shelves. Note that using hooks reduces shelf loading and they cannot be used with solid shelves.

Alimaster R
This modern design incorporates lift out shelf decking panels with a light but strong aluminium frame, 30mm square and 23mm x 44mm for beam sections. Sections have 20 micron anodising. The result is a system that is easy to keep clean and really easy to assemble and adjust. Alimaster R is a really effective, simple kitchen shelving system for Hygienic applications that offers excellent value for money. Suitable for Cold Rooms and food areas. Ideal for sterile storage and kitchen areas. Maximum load per shelf level of 150 Kgs. Maximum bay load with the height of the first shelf no more than 300mm is 800 Kgs. Maximum load for a mobile unit is 400 Kgs for internal use on good surfaces. Alimaster R consists of assembled frames, beams, shelf hooks, 90 degree shelf connectors and decking panels. Beams are supported by clips adjustable at 150mm centres on both sides of the frame.

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